Write.as is the simplest way to publish to the world.

Write.as is for writers, thinkers, and anyone who needs to get their thoughts down fast. It's a distraction-free writing space and a safe home for your thoughts.

A distraction-free writing tool

We eliminate notifications, streams, likes, and commentary so you can focus on your words. Enjoy a clear mind and a beautifully simple space to write your thoughts.

Start a blog

Create a minimalist blog that showcases all of your writing and doesn't distract readers from your words. Add a custom domain or publish to a community of readers for as little as $5 per month.

Publish articles

You can start writing a post now, or use our cross-platform apps, all without signing up. Write something, press publish, and share the link to your new post — that's all there is to it!

Write once, publish everywhere

Connect your accounts and publish to any of these platforms where your audience already waits.

Tumblr Ghost Twitter

Or enable federation to let readers in the fediverse directly follow and interact with your blog.

Mastodon Pleroma

Privacy by default

Focus on your ideas — not who's listening. We go farther than the rest to protect your privacy, and even make it easy to publish under multiple pen names if you want.

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Simple and focused

Write.as isn't a platform for building any kind of blog or website. It's meant to help you get your thoughts down—and published—fast.


Our editor lets you write and publish — that's it. And we separated the reading experience so there's no stream or feed or "likes" or "follows" to steal your focus.

Never lose your progress

Your writing automatically saves as you type. It'll always be waiting, even if you don't "save" before leaving.

Built for writing

Our blogs put your words at the forefront, leaving out the unnecessary, so readers can focus on your writing.

Privacy & security

We protect your identity and keep minimal personal information about you, so you can write more freely.

Write anywhere

Publish from your browser, mobile device, or Chromebook with our highly-rated apps.


Your blog won't get a major redesign without your knowledge. While always improving, we keep major changes to a minimum.


Publish individual articles without a blog, or bring them together in one place.

Here to stay

We have a simple business model. It helps us keep the lights on so you can keep writing.

Our Company

We founded Write.as in 2015, which has since grown to hundreds of thousands of posts published via our highly-rated apps. You can start your blog or publish a thought in seconds.

We're a self-funded company guided by a few core principles before anything else. We'll still be here tomorrow because you pay us when you like what we're building (instead of advertisers). We believe in transparency, open-sourcing most of our work, and we always love hearing from you.