About us

Write.as is enabling more creativity on the web.

To start, we're building tools and services that help everyone publish their work online, with their privacy intact. Each of our tools does one thing well, and nothing more — the goal is to stay out of your way, so you're free to create.

Our products are the result of years dedicated to carefully thinking about tech, from the incentives it creates to the ways in which it can shape our behavior. We observe, we write, and then we build our insights into usable digital tools.

In the end, we want to use the web as a tool for spreading empathy around the world; for helping people tell their stories, so we all might find a better understanding of one another.

Our company

We founded Write.as in 2015 with the simple goal of building a writing tool that gave people some privacy online. We started with a few apps, and some core principles we haven't wavered from.

Since then, we've helped hundreds of thousands of people publish their writing from all over the world. Today, we're building a full suite of internet-connected creative tools, and helping organizations accomplish their goals with our products.

We're entirely free from outside investment, meaning our incentives are aligned with our users (who are also our customers), and that we're here for the long-term. Read more about longevity and our journey so far in Write.as: Five Years.

Our team

Matt Baer, Founder and CEO

Angelo Stavrow, iOS Developer